Bite Into The Deliciously Unique American Menu at North End’s Cobblestone Café

cobblestoneAlthough Boston’s North End is renowned for its Italian cuisine, Cobblestone Café has added a new spin to the location, offering an American café and restaurant. With an assortment of delicious classics, Cobblestone  is a new gem in a traditional area. Diners will delight in a wide array  of favorites, along with their take-out, delivery, and catering options.
Cobblestone’s unique location and expansive menu has already made  this coffee shop resoundingly popular. With a medley of unique iced and  hot coffees, such as the Peppermint Patty, the Butter Finger, and the  Chocolate Covered Banana, Cobblestone offers a bold taste for everyone.  This café also serves fresh brewed unsweetened iced tea and iced citrus  green tea daily in addition to milkshakes and juices.
Cobblestone serves a number of flavorful breakfast sandwiches. Made  with plain, everything, or fresh whole wheat bagels, as well as local  and farm raised eggs, each sandwich is made to order. Enjoy a number of  hearty breakfast options including Cobblestone’s own Breakfast Burrito  and the Shredded Steak and Egg sandwich. Along with their breakfast and  dinner options, Cobblestone Café also has a number of delicious lunch  options. Choose from a menu full of specialty sandwiches, soups, fresh  burgers, and fried fish dishes.
For flavorful American dishes, sandwiches, burgers, and more, visit North End’s latest restaurant Cobblestone Café.

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