Cobblestone Cafe’s Burgers Bring The Magic Back to Your Friday Nights

Cobblestone Café joins the wave of savvy  folk in the restaurant industry who have made their delicious food  available to order online; for pick up as well as delivery. Because they know what their customers want, they’re piping hot food is now  available for everyone’s favorite night in with Netflix.
227 Hanover Street, Boston MA 02113
227 Hanover Street, Boston MA 02113

Here are three shows, available now on Netflix, that are worthy of your Cobblestone Café take out:

For the comic audience, check out Fox show Bob’s Burgers alongside the “signature burger” or Burger 227. This monumental burger  consisting of short rib, brisket and chuck meat blend, 227 sauce, thick  cut bourbon bacon, red onion, jalapeno jam, smoked blue cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, all on a house bun, is as ridiculous as some of protagonists  Bob and Linda Belcher’s own burger concoctions, such as the “Hit Me With Your Best Shallot” or the “Poblano Picasso.”
Fans of Jenji Kohan and her comic-drama series Weeds should pair Cobblestone’s “Sassy Lassy” Burger with Netflix original series Orange is The New Black. The “Sassy Lassy,” a stirring combination of short rib  beef/chuck/brisket blend, smoked bacon marmalade, Vermont cheddar,  tomato, shredded lettuce, served on a house bun will have you feeling  even sorrier for Piper when the kitchen boss Red starves her out during  the first episode. (See also the “Juicy Lucy”).
Another Netflix original series, House of Cards, calls for none other than the “build your own” option. In politics, as with this burger, it  is every man (or women) for his (or her) self. Combine any one of  Cobblestone’s three burgers, choice of four buns, and 28 toppings to  create a masterpiece, no matter how many people you have to walk all  over in the process. It takes imagination to succeed, but if Francis  Underwood can do it in congress, you can do it in your living room.
Don’t waste another minute, check out the American menu online, or call it in at (857) 263-805

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