Raves and Reviews

❞ Loved how you could build your own burger concept. It was delicious and so were the fries. The woman at the register was super friendly. Food came out quick and one of the best burgers and fries I've had in a very long time. Love love

By Brea L.

❞ Hands down one of the best burgers I have ever had. There coffee is amazing and the shakes are to die for. A must visit gem in the north end. Love this place and the staff are wonderful and friendly

By Bill R.

❞ Our food was excellent and the customer service and delivery were great. Unfortunately there was a system glitch and our order was lost. No one's fault. We really appreciated the explanation and genuine apology.


❞ We had the best steak tip sandwich ever! Food is excellent, top quality meat, the service was fantastic!! We will make a habit if eating here and try everything on the menu


❞ Best burgers!! And I don't normally order a burger anywhere. Burgers aren't my favorite thing to eat but after devouring the Burger227 at Cobblestone, I craved for a second right away. No, I didn't get another one :)… I also like their Steak & cheese sandwiches. I will be back!!!

Gabriel G.

❞ Found Cobblestone while walking through the North End looking for a light lunch. We shared a veggie wrap and a bowl of beef barley soup. The wrap was full of roasted veggies, hummus and goat cheese. Delicious! The soup was piping hot and very filling. Pretty much just like I would make at home. We would definitely stop by cobblestone again whenever we're in the area."

Jan M.

❞ WICKEDLICIOUS Wicked Fried Clams and Wicked Juicy Lucy Burger to die for. Folks if you haven't been to Cobblestones Cafe in the North End you are missing a Wicked Delicious time. SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!


❞ Hands down my go-to place in the neighborhood. Everything is awesome, such a gem and always fresh.

Becca C.

❞ BEST COFFEE in the city. It is exceptional. Not acidic or beany flavored. All kinds of flavors, no syrups. My belly can't handle corn syrup, so I had mostly forsaken the idea that I would be able to enjoy french vanilla coffee again. Not at Cobblestone. At Cobblestone I can get a great french vanilla iced coffee and a yummy egg sandwich. I do wish they had gluten-free bread, I end up having to through the sandwiches bread away or request it without.

Krista M.

❞ We had a voucher for a burger lunch for two – food was excellent, a well crafted burger using a custom beef blend on a pretzel bun with jalapeno jam and blue cheese, along with some hot and fresh fries and two hand spun milkshakes. The place is tiny, with limited seating, so getting your order to go is recommended. If you're expecting a fast food place, please adjust your schedule a bit, since each meal is made to order. During the lunch rush our meal took about 5-10 minutes. The menu is pretty diverse with many seafood options, salads, sandwiches and wraps, but we stuck with the burgers!


❞ Hi Josh and Carla: My husband picked me up a Buffalo Burger from Cobblestone for lunch the other day. I HAVE NEVER LOVED A BURGER SO MUCH!!! It was amazing. I'm been craving it ever since. I just wanted to send along a note to say congrats and thank you for my new burger obsession!

Best, Bre

❞ Love this place Went there with a bunch of buddies for lunch, the menu is massive, great selections and food was superb…. We had a variety of burgers which were all phenomenal as well as the ribs, chicken, and fish. I highly recommend Cobblestone everything was fresh, price is right and we will definitely be going back.


❞ So Glad its finally open from milkshakes to burgers and salads , I've eaten here 6 times since and each time there's something good to try here. Had a 227 burger with a smokey Blu cheese amazing !! Never heard or even had it before and its mind blowing , Definitely try there strawberry pecan salad holy moly !!! Well I disagree with that first review she's probably works at another sandwich spot in the neighborhood. This is just what the north end needed an American concept and this hit the nail right on the head

Bob Darling

❞ Hello – I stopped in yesterday to use my GiltCity voucher and was very impressed. The signature 227 burger was one of the best burgers I've tasted in Boston, especially on the pretzel bun. Shakes were outstanding too. Pretty much what we expect from the folks who brought us the legendary Terramia and Antico Forno. Just wish there were tables, since it is still way too cold and too windy to dine outside on the Greenway.

Frederick Wright

❞ What a great place!! Been here a few times already and plan on going back again and again. Food is delicious and flavorful. Breakfast= iced coffee and a B-Boy, perfect start to my day. Yum! For lunch, I had potato salad and a whole chicken, saved some for later and it was STILL juicy. Haven't had one thing I didn't like yet. Try the eggplant fries, sounds weird, but really tasty! I think that first guy needs a hug, give the place a chance. MarieAnn FABULOUS Fresh Food!!!!! OMG great food, location, and service :)… The menu is amazing- we have been there 3 times, the greek salad, fish tacos and steak tips are absolutely DELISH and we can't wait to go back and try breakfast !!! They have THE best selection of French fires and I am looking forward to going back so I can try them all!!! The North End has another winner here, what a nice change of pace!!!!! 


❞ It was my friends' last day in Boston, and we were looking for a quick place to eat before heading to the T to get them to the airport, and so we decided to try Cobblestone. It's pretty small on the inside, bar stools set at a high counter that lines the wall on each side, with very convenient phone-charging stations (iPhones) while you wait/eat. We ordered the grilled cheese, the crab cake burger, the veggie wrap, and iced coffee. All the sandwiches were great and they came out quickly; I expected to be called to pick up the food from the counter, but they were brought to us, which was nice. The sandwiches don't come with fries, but you can order fries on the side (and there are several different kinds; I was intrigued by the eggplant fries, but the sandwich made me full, so it might be just as well that I didn't indulge on this particular visit–NEXT TIME…). Personally, I prefer the withholding of fries and wish more places did this, since I usually leave half the fries behind or just don't want them to begin with and end up eating them out of a sense of "getting my money's worth"–but I digress. The iced coffee was also delicious and they have a few different flavor options. I can recommend the toasted almond. Delightful. Good food, reasonable prices, quick service and friendly staff. I'm a fan.

Maria P.

❞ Thank you so much to the guys and girls who opened this place. As someone who lives in the North End I get sick and tired of the overrated, mass produced pasta and canned red sauce rubbish that 90% of the restaurants throw out and charge a ridiculous price for.

Whilst the menu looked like a mish-mash of everything, my wife and I tried the half chicken and the Burger 227. The chicken was large, hot and moist with a delicious crispy skin. It came with coleslaw and fries. The fries were perfectly crisp on the outside with a beautiful fluffy middle (I'm a huge french fry fan), the coleslaw looked creamy and swimming in mayo, but it was deliciously light, sweet, sour and crunchy with a lovely creaminess. As for my wife's burger…WOW. The burger was perfectly cooked to a medium with plenty, but not too many toppings. Then there was the seasoned fries. Superb with a salty, parmesan and herb seasoning.

All I can say is that I was really impressed and I am looking forward to going back again and again…but don't take my word for it, go there yourself and try Cobblestone Cafe.

Rob C.

❞ First of all 1/2 of the north end only takes cash!! And I don't care if they say the service was so so or not pleasing. Its not a $50 dollar burger so what are you expecting!?! I go to places for the quality of the food, not the smart cashier. So here is MY REVIEW. All I have to say is, OH MY GOD! Hands down best burger joint in BOSTON!!! I've been there 3 times so far. I was trying to eat healthy so first I had the Strawberry Pecan Goat cheese Salad. So awesome! Wicked tasty and huge. Homemade dressing rocked! Then I had to be daring so I ordered the BBQ ribs and pulled pork combo. Floramos got nothing on this. Could not handle the ribs by hand. Had to use a fork because the damn meat kept falling off the bone! So tender and tasty. Pulled pork was sweet and zesty! So lean. Now, the reason why I wanted to write this review… I haven't had a good burger since 12 years ago. I ordered the Juicy Lucy. The absolute juiciest burger I have ever had! Cooked to perfection. Burger was stuffed with some type of cheese that exploded with flavor! Not too mention the perfect pretzel bun that was soft enough to replace a regular bun with that, did not get too soggy from all the juices so it did not fall apart. Now mind you, WARNING!! Be prepared for your elbows to be dripping with burger juice! That chef really knows about great American food.

Nicky Labonte